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  • Animation Library - Birds - Contains a selection of free animations of all kinds of birds which you can use on your home page or send as digital postcards.
  • Aurora Parakeets, Poultry and Doves - Stories and pictures of their birds and chickens with tips on diet, health care, breeding and training.
  • Aviary of Finches, Exotic Doves, Quails and Francolins - Information on the aviary and the birds living in it, first aid, nests, plants, and how to catch birds.
  • BirdClick - Clicker training facts and why to use it for birds. Teaching tricks and how to solve problem behaviors. Also having an e-mail discussion group.
  • Birder's Eye - Articles, photos, tips and resources for the wild and caged bird enthusiast.
  • - List on avian veterinarians, bird clubs, and fairs in US. Avian care information and chat. Also free classifieds and links to avian shopping sites.
  • Cage Birds - For owners and breeders of birds like finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, and other hookbills. Basic facts, list of toxic or harmful plants and other resources for bird owners and breeders.
  • Christine's Free Bird Clipart at - Hundreds of free bird clipart images for you to use. Holidays, animations plus birds arranged by type of bird.
  • Conservation Committee of the Aviculture Federation of Australia - The Conservation Committee welcomes participation by all aviculturists and societies, whether or not affiliated with the AFA.
  • Fidtreats - Cleaning tips, recipes, and health information, weekly progress of a parrot chick, also providing bird supplies.
  • Gwen's EGGciting Home Page - See a parrot chick hatch and mature. Lots of species photos and Java Applets.
  • Jim's Collections - This site is filled with things that bring beauty, joy, and wonder into my life. My world is filled with beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. Here you will find a little about me, my family, and friends. I'll show you some of the hobbies that bring happiness to my life.
  • Mavis Birds - Personal site on their pets, from an african grey to cockatiels and zebra finches.
  • Nancy Kobert's Amazing World of Birds Show - Spokesperson and live animals/birds available for presentations and appearances, committed to education through entertainment.
  • Pet Bird - Comprehensive site by Up At Six with articles, avian artwork, associations and mailing lists. Lists with online suppliers of bird products, aviaries and sanctuaries.
  • Todds Birding Page - General Birding
  • World of Feathers - Everything you always wanted to know about feathers.


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