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  • All About Dogs - A comprehensive site presenting information on basic training and competitive obedience, the United Kennel Club, agility, dog humor and K-9 photos.
  • All K-9 Info Net - Educational site, updated monthly. Get a free gift for visiting.
  • Allsorts' Dog Pictures - An archive of dog pictures, breed history, temperament information, links, and jokes for a variety of canines.
  • a2z of Pets - Dogs - Information on health, training, behavior, nutrition and breeds. Classified ads. Focus on Indian dog breeds.
  • Bark Bytes - A canine cyber-magazine plus a wealth of links.
  • Barking Buddies - Dog pictures, online games, chat rooms, stories about dogs, penpals and lots more!
  • Bow-Wow - Message boards, chat, links, dogs for adoption, pictures, and dog/pet jokes and stories.
  • The Bow-Wow Web Ring - Web ring for dog-related sites.
  • CanItalia - Focus on dogs in Italy, with events calendar, breeders list, and breed clubs. In Italian and English.
  • Crazy for Dogs - Articles, postcards, games, photos, a dog of the week -- all for celebrating your dog.
  • Der Hund - The Dog - Le Chien - A magazine, photo galleries, breed information, breeder ads and a searchable database of dog related sites.
  • Digital Dog - Information about breeds, adopting a dog, understanding behavior, and stories.
  • Discover Dogs - Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.
  • Do You Look Like Your Dog? - Enter this photo contest and you might end up in a book by the same name. Or just browse through the entries and see dozens of pictures of dogs and their people.
  • Dog FAQ - Collection of usenet FAQs, including dog behavior, training, and supplies.
  • Dog Infomat - Assists dog enthusiasts, owners and those considering dog ownership, by providing original, quality, noncommercial information plus access to related resources.
  • Dog Information and Facts - Facts on dogs, breeds, anatomy, life span, diseases and history.
  • Dog Logic - Articles on dog obedience training, feeding, for large dogs especially.
  • Dog Owner's Guide - Looking for a dog owner's guide? Guide for all breeds of dogs, health and training information, with bookstore and mall.
  • The Dog Scene - Information covering probably every aspect of getting and owning a dog, whether for pet, show, or breeding, and breed information.
  • - Cam Directory, free e-mail address, discussion forums, and on-line store.
  • DogHobbyist - An online community of dog hobbyists, businesses, keepers, breeders, and organizations. Chat rooms, classifieds, feature pages, and forums. Part of the PetHobbyist community.
  • - Information on dog breeds, puppies, dog newsgroups and chatrooms, dog health, pet supplies, dog names and dog humor.
  • The Dogpatch - Emphasizing canine sports and training. Also featuring a directory of other interesting dog sites to visit, categorized by topic.
  • Dogs - A fun guide to dog breeds, including Our Canine Friends -- a club for juniors -- plus Dogs for Kids. Learn how to choose a breed.
  • Dogs Are Gods - Find everything you want to know about dogs, especially how to make them happy.
  • The Dog's Best Friend - Dog breeders, responsible dog owners, kids and dogs, all breeds, dog parks, dog law, dog behavior, dog training, dog award, education on dog issues.
  • Dogs from - Find out the latest in training, grooming, breeding, feeding, and just about every other aspect of owning and loving a pooch.
  • Dogs India - About dogs, breeds - especially native Indian breeds - , animal welfare organizations, dog health, and puppy care. Classified ads for breeders, boarding kennels and other dog related businesses.
  • Dogs Worldwide - Online magazine is a source of information and a marketplace for the canine world.
  • Dogstop - Regular dog chat sessions, a health forum, dog show information and more for dog breeders and lovers.
  • Dogz One - Your first stop for dogs on the 'net.
  • FAQ from rec.pets.dogs - Rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer general questions about dogs. These are the most up-to-date master copies.
  • Findapup - Details on shows and all that is canine. Links to other sites including quarantine regulations in UK.
  • For Dog Lovers Everywhere - Pet dog stories, poems, humor, health information, rescue, tips, FAQ, poll, and links.
  • - Dog resources including email, web sites, chat, and other associated information.
  • iVillage Pet Channel - Dogs - Dog care fun, facts, and community for dog and puppy owners.
  • The K-9 Information Network - For all those who love dogs. Educational, and fun.
  • K9Country - Internet guide and search engine dedicated to the care and raising of dogs.
  • Professional Dog Networks - Offering a breeders', handlers', and health network.
  • Professor Hunt's Dog Page - List of links reviewed by the author accompanied by regularly updated editorials on dog issues.
  • Puppy Chow - Puppy nutrition information, a breed guide, and training tips.
  • Puppyfinder - Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, and tips. Breeder directory and current dog news.
  • SiriusDog - Informative articles for the performance dog enthusiast.
  • - Overviews general dog information including their senses, anatomy, preparation for a new dog and more.
  • Taking the Lead with Gill Minter - Advice on behavioural and training issues, run by Gill Minter, UK Dog behaviouralist. Also, information on health issues, dog facts, dog humor, a doggie gallery and bulletin boards.
  • ThePetVine - Discussion boards, articles and links about dogs.
  • - Message boards, expert advice, photo contests and classifieds.
  • - Show results, breed descriptions, genetic, behaviour, immunization, breeding, and other dog related information.
  • Virtual Dog Show - The Virtual Dog Show is open to any dog of any breed, and features specialty matches judged by dog experts, with sponsor-donated prizes.
  • The World Wide Web of Dogs - Links to web sites devoted to dogs.


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