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  • The Krib   - Articles, and archived usenet postings. Home of the *.Aquaria FAQ and the Aquatic Plants Digest archives.
  • Tom's Place   - Active and comprehensive message boards, articles, and links for freshwater and marine aquariums.
  • Allexperts Fish Care - Volunteers answer your questions about caring for freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as operating an aquarium. FAQs and a message board.
  • AquaLink - Articles, bulletin boards, a trading board, and a diagnosis system for common diseases.
  • Aquaria Central - Extensive source for aquarium information.
  • Aquaria Hobbyist - Dedicated to the aquaria hobby. Featuring a chat room, BBS, and a member-submitted photo gallery.
  • Aquarium Fish - Articles, tips, pictures, and profiles of aquarium fish.
  • - Information for beginners on setting up and maintaining a freshwater or saltwater fish tank.
  • - Directory of 1000s of aquarium and tropical fish related websites. Links indexed by fish species, with photo thumbnails. Aquarium shopping center.
  • Aquasite - Providing resources to help the marine hobbyist. News, events, and a FAQ.
  • AquaWeb Fish Resources - News, photos, forums and a large link list.
  • - Portal to many fishing sites, and sources of information.
  • Archives of - Searchable archives of the Aquarium Listserv at Emory University.
  • A.S.A.P. Message Base - Board for the aquarist hobby, both freshwater, and saltwater.
  • Cambi's Fish Site - About his freshwater, saltwater, and Discus fish. First aid/problem solver.
  • - Sign up and track your fish tank's chemistry, its setup, water recipes, and receive email reminders when it's time to change the water.
  • FidChat Aquaria - Mailing list, with member pages, and product and book reviews.
  • Fish Index - Photos, information, a forum, and chat room.
  • Fish Information Service - Archive of information covering both freshwater and marine aquariums.
  • Fish Link Central - Links directory to sites about fish.
  • FishDoc - Information on fish disease diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Fisho's Aquarium Fish Page - Very basic information about aquariums and commonly encountered aquarium fish.
  • Information and Advice About Fish - How to care for fish and aquariums, with setup, care, and handling instructions.
  • JAWS-Just Aquaria Web Site - Information on freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums, and ponds.
  • MEL: Fish and Aquariums - Information on breeding, pet fish, care and feeding. Pictures and online publications helping the beginner to the expert.
  • Tropical Fish Digest - E-Magazine with "how-to" articles on a variety of aquarium-related subjects.
  • Ultimate Aquarium - Directory of aquarium-related sites.


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