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Pet Training

  • APBC - Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors - About the APBC, pet behaviour counselling as a career, calendar of seminars, and articles on pet behaviour and training.
  • Applied Ethology - Resources page dedicated to the study of animal behaviour, particularly that of domestic animals or animals kept in captivity. Articles on various behaviour problems, in cats, dogs and horses.
  • BehavioRx Pet Behavior Resources - Resources for canine, feline, and equine owners regarding pet behavior and modification. Includes a guide to select a pet behavior consultant.
  • Cambridge Center Section on Pets, Animal Training and Enrichment - The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and the Animal Trainers SIG of the Association for Behavior Analysis have put together an excellent overview of the many ways that positive reinforcement techniques are being used by professional animal trainers and in zoos, and how these same techniques can easily be applied with the family pet.
  • DDFL Information and Tips - Articles on behavior, care and training for dogs, cats and other pets, from the Denver Dumb Friends League.
  • Dr. Lachman's Family Animal Dog and Cat Behavior Training - Lists behavior training techniques for dog and cats along with tips on how to cope with pet loss and how to order the book Dogs on the Couch.
  • Ultrapet - Pet training consultation for all animals available for a fee.


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