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Virtual Pets

  • Adopt A Cyber-Pet - Here you'll find a variety of adorable pets you can adopt. There's even a place for you to buy food and toys for your pet.
  • Adopt a Geopoke - Here you can adopt anything from cheetahs to people. Most pets are animated.
  • Adopt A Useless Blob - What could be more charming? Now in different colors.
  • Adopt-A-Fairy - Send in a form to create your own fairy to be your cyberpet on your page.
  • Adoptagnome - Here you can adopt a little creature for on your website.
  • Adopt-a-Moon at Alluvus' Page - Adopt a moon to take home to your own web page. Original graphics. Free.
  • Anastasia's Cyber Pets - Adopt cute fairies, angels, guardians, gnomes, mythical pets, cursor trailers for your webpage.
  • Cat's Mystical Cyber Pet Page - Home of Chiana the grynon and Crystal, the jewel-encrusted cobra. Adoptions available soon.
  • CritterShoppe - Free fun Critters to feed, play with and care for.
  • CyberCubbies - Adopt a free cute and cuddly CyberCubby for your homepage.
  • Cyber-Pet Adoption - Cyber pets including snails, snakes, elephants, fish, flower, and pelicans.
  • Dream Candy Cattery - Adopt a cute cyber kitty to brighten up your site.
  • Goddess's Adoption Agency - Adopt Cyberpets created by Goddess to put on your own website.
  • Graphics By Me (JennyLN) :) - Adopt household, barnyard and unusual pets.
  • Hairball Heaven - Cyber-pet, cyber pet adoption, cats, graphics.
  • Hannah's Cyber-Pets Adoption Center - Adopt your own Cyber Pet.
  • Joshua's Web-Pet Shelter - A house for my adopted web-pets. Very rarely some are up for adoption.
  • Kelly's Cyber Pets - List of cyber pet adoption sites.
  • Ladyhippo's Cyberpet'z - Adopt a Unicorn, Pegasus, Fairy, Ballerina, Hippo, Phelddagrif, Trebble, Dragon Hatchling, Dragon, Dinosaur Hatchling, or a Star for your personal homepage.
  • Land Of Fuzzies - Come, adopt a Fuzzy. Fuzzies are cute fuzzy creatures that reside in your HTML.
  • The Magical Forest - Adopt unicorns, pegasi, hippocampus and feline bears. Many colors and varieties to choose from.
  • The Magickal Sister's Forest - An enchanted forest, filled with living creatures from a fantasy land far away from here.
  • Maiden Acire's Glade - My fantasy cyber pet zoo, with links to where I got all of my creatures. Alicorn, unicorn, pegasus, dragorn, and others are all here.
  • Maple Leaf Adoption Agency - Its not just for Canadians. Choose from a selection of colourful maple leaves.
  • Meliox Adoption Agency - Adopt a cute and cuddly meliox to decorate your website or desktop.
  • Mount Jaya - Home to beautiful, elemental creatures called the Druith. If you're nice, Rhianna might let you adopt one for your very own.
  • Multicolor Adoption Agency - Adopt a Rainbow Creature. All sorts of cute cyber pets.
  • Paradise Valley CyberAdoptions - A growing cyberling orphanage that has dragons, Unicorns and many other mythical creatures up for adoption at any given time. Some Growing, some non-growing and some click and takes as well.
  • Pink's Place - Come and browse my always changing page, adopt a cyber kitty, and link to your page on my all-for links page.
  • Shadow's Adoptables - Bitties, Bookends, Dragons, Felines, Ghatti, Gryphons, Pegasi, and Unicorns. Free for the asking.
  • Shrimpz Pond - Adopt a free shrimpz for your website.
  • Society For The Prevention Of Cruelity To Cyber Creatures - Every online creature comes from an adoption center of some sort. And every adoption center is carefully planned out and created. But, not every adoption site is protected against the worst virus of the net, online theft.
  • Stephanie's Virtual Adoption Directory - Directory of virtual adoption agencies. Adopt a virtual pet for your homepage.
  • Sunshiney Cyber-Adoptions - Large collection of adopted pets. Also, her own pets for adopting.
  • Tons Of Virtual Pets - All about different kinds of virtual pets, with an adoption agency coming soon. Check out the Spoiled CyBunny NeoCircle.
  • A Touch of Fantasia - Pixies, dragons, unicorns, pegasus, fearies, butterflies, toys, and many other cyber pets to adopt. Plus free fantasy clip art. Great family site, rated "G".
  • Urban's Cyber Pets - Come on in to adopt a free, cute virtual pet for you homepage/message board. Also free e-mail accounts & custom-made UrbanCo. guestBooks.
  • Virtual Pet Club - Interactive club for K to 4th grade kids. Adopt a pet, help it grow, and go on adventures with it.


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